Your Unwanted Mobile Phone & It’s New Life

Craig Timmins June 27, 2014
Your Unwanted Mobile Phone

Your Unwanted Mobile Phone. Image courtesy of Mapichai /

The mobile phone industry is big business. The mighty electronics firms are creating new gadgets on a seemingly day to day basis, and just like PCs were in the 90s, your phone will probably be out of date as soon as you take it out of the box.

That fast evolution means that consumers are expected to upgrade their phones regularly in order to remain fashionable. The mobile phone has become a fashion accessory to many people. With so many people, changing phones every couple or years, or even sometimes less than that, we are finding that we have a kitchen drawer full of old phones and a cupboard somewhere full of mobile chargers.

What Can I Do With An Old Phone?

Luckily, there are companies out there that are looking for your old handsets and they’ll pay you for them too. Better still, if you are really feeling up to it you can get a repair service to fix broken phones so you can cash in on the full working price.

For phones such as iPhones this can usually be an attractive route to go down as you will often see that the price of a screen replacement (the most common damage to an iPhone) costs anything from £40 – £80 depending on the iPhone model. After paying the repair costs, you will still end up getting more back by selling the phone for working rather than non-working. A lot of people are seeing this opportunity and taking advantage of it.

Where Does My Phone Go?

You might wonder where your old phone might end up if you sell it online but you needn’t worry. The government isn’t going to dig up your email account and hold your feet to the fire because of some past transgression.

If you chose to steer clear of eBay’s bidding platform, then you are most likely to take the route of using trade-in companies. Usually, once you have sent your phone away, it will be assessed, and then depending on the value and condition, it will be processed. Your phone will then end up in one of two places. If it is a desirable phone, and it is in good working order, it will probably be wiped clean and sent to the developing world, or put back into circulation right here in the UK.

What About My Data?

A good question to ask, as these days personal information seems to be everywhere. With mobile phones you can either erase the data yourself (especially if you are selling on eBay), or you can let recyclers such as Mazuma and Envirofone wipe the data for you.

I would always wipe the data myself, but that’s just a personal preference as I like to know that all my photos, contacts, emails and messages are all backed-up and cleared from the phone before I send it off.

Just remember to backup your photos and data before you send your phone off, because once its sent…it’s sent.

Craig is a UK tech writer who usually writes about apps for different kind of subjects, he has written app reviews from Medical apps, to Travel Apps, and even apps for your dog.

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