Turn your dumb television into a super smart TV

Simon George March 26, 2013

Turn your dumb television into a super smart TV

Nowadays its the generation of smart things, smartphones, smart TV. etc. The new fundamental usefulness in TVs of the final few years is the capability to do more than simply staring at the TV. In the most propelled TVs, you can associate them to the web and search the web such as you can on a PC without the requirement of an extra fringe. They likewise have an extensive variety of requisitions, from a Netflix stream player to a climate report. The objective of today’s TVs is to have all your home diversion sources in one gadget. Luckily, this is a legit characteristic, contrasted with a ton of other advertising build up that doesn’t include true worth. Not every living soul needs a shrewd television, yet the choice ought to be moderately simple to make. What about the people who are still stuck with your old sets. They want to make a plunge into the smart world but do not have the means to. So for them here are three ways in which you can transform your Dumb TV into a smart one.

MK802 Android PC

MK802 Android PC

MK802 Android PC

It gives the guarantee to make your old TV set into a brand new smart TV. The entity gives you the freedom to explore the world with facilities like Skype, twitter, facebook, etc.

The MK802 Android 4.0 miniature PC is a very small Android  program that fits within the range of  your hand and runs on Android 4.0. It has visual display unit but associates with an outer showcase utilizing a HDMI association.

Smart television is the mix of the advanced elevated definition TV set with the web. SMART TVs are smearing the lines between a workstation and a TV and they are carrying the web to the lounge.

Transform any television into a Smart television. Android 4.0 can control it with the wave of a hand, utilizing our revolutionary signal remote.

All you need to do is plug in and your smart TV is ready. It also has a Remote that is like no other. The product is different in all fields. This new product by Equiso is all set to bring convert every TV into a Smart TV.

The equipment is loaded with such features:  Android 4.0, Mali 400 3D Graphics Processor, 1Ghz Arm Cortex A5 Processor,512 MB DDR3 RAM, 8 GB Memory Internal,1.4 HDMI Plug n’ Play Interface, 3D, ESD protection, 802.11 N wireless radio, USB 2.0 Micro – Powering of the Device ,CEC,USB 2.0 Plug n’ Play Interface.


Another interesting and innovative gadget is being launched into the market. The Equipment is a dongle that transforms your simple television into a smart TV with great Features.

The dongle is to be connected to a HDMI port and then all is just fun. An all new experience waits for you. The dongle is basically like a smart phone that uses the television as its display unit. The main Attractions of the dongle are: Arm Cortex A9 processors, NFC, Micro SD for storage and 256MB to 1GB RAM, Bluetooth, etc.

For display, the dongle uses Gingerbread.

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