New Toyota Data Center Being Built To Bring Connected Smart Cars to the American Market

Katrina at Rack Solutions February 12, 2016
Toyota Data Center

Toyota Data Center

Technology has made modern cars more reliable and safe. Most people are aware that manufacturers employ robots in their plants. These devices help engineers design efficient vehicles that meet the needs of consumers.

Yet, it is less known that Toyota, which has become one the most prominent brands in the United States, mass produces smart cars. Soon everyone can have a car with onboard electronics reminiscent of James Bond.

The Announcement of a New Toyota Data Center

All new Toyota cars come with a standard Data Communication Module (DCM). This feature transmits information from the vehicles, allowing them to effectively tell data centers of problems.

To collect all the electronic signals, Toyota announced the creation of a Toyota Big Data Center (TBDC). The automaker told attendees at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that the Toyota Data Center will be housed inside the current Toyota Smart Center.

Cars sold in the United States will have the communications modules installed sometime in the beginning of 2016. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will have to wait as late as 2019 to enjoy this innovative technology.

Those outside of the United States should not think this delay an intentional slight. Toyota representatives at the Consumer Electronics Show explained that they have to wait until other countries standardize their communication devices.

Smart Car Benefits to Drivers

Smart cars are more than just flashy gimmicks. Drivers will soon enjoy a higher level of safety than perhaps ever before.

Imagine traveling alone on a dark road at night. Something, perhaps an animal, jumps into the road, causing the need to swerve quickly. Unfortunately, the car veers off the road into a ditch. The Toyota airbag deploys as a result.

In this scenario, a Toyota smart car connected to the Toyota Data Center would be able to notify representatives of the need for emergency personnel assistance.

In the past, accident victims had to wait for a passer-by to provide aid. Now, the call for help is automatic via this standard airbag-notification feature.

Sharing Technology with Others

Toyota remains committed to sharing its technology. The automaker invited other companies to use the data communications feature.

One such partner is UIEvolution. This app developer is in the process of creating complimentary software to allow third-party brands to communicate with the Toyota Data Center.

UIEvolution works with automobile manufacturers, cruise ship builders and hotel designers. Consumers could be connecting to the Internet in surprising ways and places in the not too distant future.

More Information to Come from Toyota

As of now, Toyota has not informed the world how large the Toyota Data Center will be. One would assume that such an important information storage site would need a large degree of space.

Also unknown is just how much power capacity the center will hold.

Another announcement should be forthcoming, given the inevitable release of 2017 cars later this year. Consumers will want to know all the specifics.

Nevertheless, for now, the automaker has stunned the American buying public with its announcement that they will be able to buy fully-connected smart cars because of their plans for this new Toyota Data Center.

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Toyota Data Center

Toyota Data Center






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