The worldwide Acceptance of Windows 8

Simon George December 26, 2012

Windows 8, the latest version of the operating system of the computing devices, has impressed the users worldwide in the present days. It has been possible due to the various positive features of the operating system. Also, this operating system supports various types of computing devices, like desktops, laptops, tablets, and even, convertibles. This article says a lot about how and why this particular operating system has been worldwide accepted. It talks about the advantageous points, the reviews and the experts’ voices, and some other factors that led to this immense popularity.

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Accepting the OS

The operating system naming Windows 8 has got a lot of points, where it is ahead of other operating systems. The major points can be stated as follows:

  1. Windows 8 is more fluent and accessible to the users
  2. Far more varieties of applications and features
  3. Supports various computing devices
  4. Better accuracy in every function and application
  5. Touch screen and other technological features are way better
  6. The popularity has made the devices affordable as the production is inspired
  7. The overall look of the devices having Windows 8 is also stylish
  8. The best part is the quick access to online services and functionality
  9. The inclusion if latest technogies like USB 3.0, Cloud Computing, Malware fileration, etc

The Reviews

The reviews on the web, in the newspapers, magazines and other communicative means for the public have one thing in common regarding Windows 8. That is optimism for sure, in every dimension of the field. As a matter of fact, it is just another world in one device, embraced with enrichment of applications. The reviews always agree to one factor, that is the online functionality. The social networking sites have gone so popular, that the world looks for quick access to the social world by using Windows 8. There is nothing better the users can ask for from an operating system of a computing device.

However the users using windows 8 on a device with non touch interface founds it to be confusing at times. According to them the learning curve for this new operating syaytem is quite high. In other words it is not user friendly.

Other Factors

The popularity of the operating system has become so high, that not only buying new devices, the users have also started shifting from other operating systems to Windows 8 without changing the computing device. In fact, it is now clear to the experts that the attraction of the new operating system is much more than the computing devices because of the numerous features that a user can be among and feel so rich. It is really wonderful to think about being engaged in multi tasking, which is highly supported by the operating system.

Few more words

Windows 8 and its evolution have noticed a lot of researches and experiments. It has been successful due to the innovation and hard work that the developers have put so far. Technology has now been able to reach the mankind more closely and make life better providing more comfort. Some say that modernization has taken away aliveness from every aspect of the world. But the experts say that aliveness has been redefined in a newer way. The Windows 8 operating system is one of the biggest examples and is definitely worth trying, at least once in life.


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