Technology 2016 Predictions From The Experts: Security, IoT And More

Katrina at Rack Solutions January 14, 2016
technology 2016 predictions

technology 2016 predictions

What are the big technology 2016 predictions? The data center experts from SearchDataCenter have given their predictions for major IT trends in the coming year.

As the year comes to a close, experts in all industries strive to predict the top market trends for the new year.

To shed some light on what 2016 may hold for the world of Information Technology, the data center experts of SearchDataCenter took a look at the current tech trends and produced a list of which IT concepts they believe will stay strong and see growth over the coming year.

Leading SearchDataCenter’s list is the concept of “software-defined everything,” in which the use of software to virtualize and control systems has begun to reach its way into every corner of IT.

From software-defined Networking (SDN) and software-defined Storage (SDS) to software-defined data centers (SDDC), the experts expect that the next 12 months will bring continued success to software-defined solutions.

Despite this, there is still plenty of room for hardware innovation, says IT consultant Jim O’Reilly, noting that recent years have also seen great advances in hardware (the shift from hard-disk drives to solid-state drives, for example).

Technology 2016: IoT and Security

Referring to the current explosion of the “Internet of Things” and the unique security issues surrounding it.

With the quick adoption of mobile devices like phones, tablets, FitBit trackers and more, access to information has never been faster — or more publicly available.

With this trend expected to continue to rise throughout 2016, companies will be faced with not only the pressure to jump on the IoT bandwagon, but also to maintain proper security with regard to user data and cloud services/data centers (because nobody likes to be surprised with a leak).

Industry analyst Joe Clabby is quick to warn tech companies against using the wrong technology to support their IoT attempts, however. “Use the right machine for the right job,” he said.

Technology 2016: Big Changes to the Infrastructure-Vendor Market

With some companies going all-in on the cloud, others are finding it cost-efficient to migrate their systems (modern and legacy) to an outside provider, like Amazon Web Services.

The experts also expect to see a stress on the importance of API systems to automate their data centers. To stay up-to-date, and on the front line of innovation, IT companies will have to put more focus on understanding APIs and programming on a deeper level.

Technology 2016: Data Center Infrastructure Mangement (DCIM)

Head of data center design for Shen Milsom & Wilke, Robert McFarlane, does not believe that there will be much change to the DCIM market itself, but that it will simply become less of a buzzword in the industry.

The buildings themselves will also soon be subject to a new ASHRAE efficiency standard (90.4), which is planned for release in 2016.

McFarlane did point out, however, that there is often a big difference between the date of publication of new standards and the time by which most companies have adopted and begun to implement them.

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