Sky drive for windows 8 and interface for tablets and PCs

Simon George January 1, 2013

Sky drive for windows 8 and interface for tablets and PCs: an architectural overview and battle plan

Windows 8 has completely revolutionized the Microsoft’s operating system since it is launched.We can still remember when we first started using Windows 7,the startup system was closely similar to Vista,which inturn was not unlike the other versions of Windows.

Windows 8 is a redesigned form of windows 7 to make the features more optimized. The system requirement for windows 8 is similar with the requirements for windows 7.

If this is the first time you are starting with windows 8,you will see a video of 30 second which is a kind of a tutorial help  explaining some of the control features that anyways is not so obvious- the so called Charms Bar which you can pull down from the right side of the screen. If you did not have the Microsoft’s account,you can create while you are setting your PC with windows 8.


Following are few attractive features of Windows 8:-

1)      The Start Menu : Move your mouse cursor down to the bottom-left of the screen and left-click switches to the tiled Start page on the screen…and if you right-click , a menu linking to key areas of the operating system will pop-up, including the Control Panel, the command prompt and the Task Manager

2)      Sync settings:Windows 8 supports the old user account system also, but it can also create altogether a  new kind of user account that is  linked to your old Windows ID, and pulls in the  information from SkyDrive, Hotmail/Outlook, Xbox,  and all the other cloud services,which  the company is pushing. A linked account also can sync the windows setting.

3)      Defenders for your windows: Window defender handles both viruses and spywares which is a part of security essentials.

4)      Shutdown is simple: The same keyboard shortcuts can be used to shut down the windows.

5)      ISO Support: With windows 8, native ISO mounting support is included –just double click.

6)      Re-set windows:  You can “refresh”which brings back all the default operating systems settings.

Windows 8 tablets

Microsoft has finally cracked it!! The single physical package of tablets has replaced the traditional clamshell by a wide variety of design.The hybrid devices based on windows 8 directly appeals the PC users who might go for sleek and light laptops. The convertibles and new tablets with Windows 8 will entirely change computing going forward.By comparing the tablets based on windows 7 this time it has done a miracle-its highly responsive and powerful and an incredibly enjoyable system.Few best windows 8 based devices are as under- Samsung Series 7 Hybrid Slate, Sony VAIO Tap 20, ASUS Transformer AiO, Acer Iconia W700, Microsoft Surface Pro, Dell XPS Duo 12, Apple MacBook Proetc.


Windows 8 will both  have the new “Metro” “Start” screen and the old legacy “Desktop” User Interface and “Metro” is Microsoft’s unified user interface that will be inside Microsoft’s future operating systems for tablets, computers, PDAs and cell phones.

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