Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – All You Need to Know

Michael Looby October 22, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Samsung have given us their latest phone-tablet combo and it has been received with mixed results. While some are saying that it isn’t very different from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, others think that it is even better than giants such as the iPhone 6.

So who should we believe? Here is a complete review that tells you everything you need to know about this phone. Our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review looks at everything – what to like, what not to like and our final thoughts about this device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – What I Liked

The first thing you will notice about the Note 4 is that it has an amazing screen. Bigger than that of the S3, it measures 5.7 inches and has a resolution of 1440 x 2560 – one of the best of any phone in the market.

It doesn’t just stop at the size; Samsung used AMOLED technology to make it very bright and colorful. There are other features that make this phone great:

• The front casing is made of metal which is a welcome surprise – Samsung has used plastic in the past. Made of aluminum and magnesium, the casing has sharp angles that make it look very sleek. Some have suggested that the metal casing might make it heavier but that is simply not true; the phone weighs a mere 176 grams. The back, which is made of plastic (but still looks good), is textured to ensure grip when using the phone with one hand.

• Although all buttons are located in all the regular places, they are easier to find and press than on previous models. The power and lock icons have been made bigger and they are easy to reach despite the size of the phablet.

• You get a stylus for better interaction.

• Video recording on this device is definitely better because it comes with Slow Motion and Fast Motion features that you can choose from. You also don’t need to edit any videos like you do with many other phones because the videos are perfect.

• You will like the 16 megapixel camera that takes both front and back pictures. They have also included an editing feature called Eraser Shot that allows you to edit photos directly on your phone.

• One of the coolest things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the fact that you don’t have to touch it to interact with it. It has Air Gesture which allows you to receive calls simply by waving your hand in front of the screen. You can read by tilting your head to scroll and you can preview content with Air View. It also has Smart Pause which stops a video when you look away and plays again when you look back at the screen.

• You get Group Play which allows you to connect with 8 friends or family to share content or simply chat.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – What I Didn’t Like

What is not to like about a phone that has such great features? Most people who have tried it say that they are not impressed with battery power. It is understandable though; the added processor performance that enables this phone to stand out is definitely going to drain the battery faster. Some have also mentioned that:

• The “reduce screen” feature seems to be problematic and requires numerous swipes to get it to work. Other phones at this level are easier – the iPhone 6 plus, for example, requires you to simply double touch the Home icon.

• It comes with a lot of apps but no uninstall button which means that users just have to live with apps that they don’t need.

• Samsung should have tried harder to bring down the cost. Other phablets in the same range are cheaper. At $300, users may prefer to buy the more affordable LG G3 which is also quite superior.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – Overall Thoughts

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a great phone to have whether it is for business or pleasure. If you are worried about battery life you can buy an extra battery pack – they are not that expensive.

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