Best Headphones Under 200 Dollars

Jensen Carlyle October 7, 2015

Music kills whatever unwanted emotion is trying to get under our skin. Listening to songs and other kinds of audio is better using awesome headphone devices. Speakers are sure to bring the beat, soul and spirit that our bodies and minds are searching for. But if you are on-the-go, speakers are more of a hassle… Continue Reading »


4 Great Ideas For Modernizing Retro Gadgets

Jensen Carlyle September 29, 2015

Your retro gadgets won’t last forever and this is the truth that everyone needs to accept. Just like your old mobile phone, there may come a time when your retro gadgets stop functioning, even for no apparent reason. Though this is usually the case, it doesn’t mean that you should just send them to the trash… Continue Reading »


6 Tips for Coping with Windows 10 Update Problems

Katrina at Rack Solutions September 23, 2015

Windows 10 update problems have been extensively experienced by its users ever since it was released nearly two months ago, and the complaints are rolling in. It’s gotten so bad that Microsoft has promised to start giving skeletonized versions of it away for free. It’s a meltdown that had been in the works since at… Continue Reading »


A Top MySQL Alternative has Been Released: Amazon Aurora

Katrina at Rack Solutions September 16, 2015

Amazon Aurora has finally been released and it’s an excellent MySQL alternative. MySQL is the industry leader when it comes to the world of free database software and the majority of dynamic websites are now running on what has become the industry standard – the LAMP stack. LAMP stack The LAMP stack is Linux, Apache,… Continue Reading »


Cloud Computing Examples that Answer 3 FAQs

Katrina at Rack Solutions August 21, 2015

I remember a time when a cloud was a white puffy thing in the sky that, when you laid on your back, you looked at and tried to make shapes with. I remember when it was where the rain came from. But those were simpler days and with new technology, our vocabulary is changing. Allow… Continue Reading »


Microsoft Announce Windows 10 Rollout Plans

Alex Viall July 29, 2015

On the 2nd of July, Microsoft released information on their Windows Blog about their highly anticipated Windows 10 rollout plans. Windows 10 rollout: the changes The biggest change for Windows will be its transition to “Software as a Service” product, which means there will be no more major updates to download or buy (such as… Continue Reading »


WonderFox Free Speedy DVD Ripper Review: 10 Minutes to Backup Your DVDs

Michael Looby June 18, 2015

With all the great Hollywood Blockbuster hits, the release of DVD movies is growing rapidly. As a movie enthusiast, you might own lots of DVD collections. And as you know, DVD discs are portable and they can be played on several types of media devices. But it’s extremely easy for them to get damaged just… Continue Reading »


Micro Segmentation Is another Promising Tool

Katrina at Rack Solutions June 11, 2015

Anyone who would consider Layer-2 security to be a step up in IPv6 from the level achieved in IPv4 which happened about a decade ago, should seriously reconsider their position. Unfortunately, time has shown that the improvements that were addressed are still concerns to most professionals. The same basic problems that were solved in IPv4 (DHCP spoofing-ND spoofing… Continue Reading »


5 Top EBook Tools to Help Get You Published

Jessy Troy June 2, 2015

I have seen a lot of articles out there about writing ebooks. They always seem to list the exact same high tech ebook tools, applications and browser programs. But they miss so many of the key ones that I have always found a lot more helpful that the usual Calibre and PDF Maker. In fact,… Continue Reading »

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