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Allan McArthur June 26, 2014

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Android app development has come a long way since its first entry into the market. Its appearance dates back to 2008 when Google sold the first Smartphone running their Android operating system. At that time, Android developers decided to pursue a different design route from their direct competition, Apples iOS.

Android chose to embrace the idea of a flexible and customizable platform that would attract android app developers in the future. That move appears to have paid off as today, there are over 700 000 android applications which have been downloaded by over 25 billion people around the world. But, why are android apps so popular? Below we take a closer look.

A Platform for Everyone

Android is the largest install base of any mobile platform and it is growing fast. The hundreds of millions of mobile phones powered by android offer users a multitude of applications for personal and business use. For personal use, android devices offer a variety of apps that help in everyday tasks, games to keep users entertained, and an array of digital content. The android app development platform also offers enterprises the chance of getting tailored applications that are specific to their organizational purposes.

Open Source

One of the main reasons behind android’s huge success is its openness as a platform. This feature offers a huge advantage to both android users and app developers. Google Play is the premier market place for android developers to distribute and sell their apps. Anyone with a great app can publish it on Google play and instantly reach the millions of android users.

Google play gives app developers complete control on how to sell their applications. App developers can publish their apps whenever they want, to the customers they are targeting, and as often as they desire. In addition, app developers have the luxury of choosing to distribute their apps broadly to all markets and devices, or focus on certain devices and segments. Also, since android is an open source platform, this helps developers to substantially cut down on development costs.

Powerful Development Framework

Android has a power-packed operating system that provides a great base to the world of applications. App developers love to work with android as it gives them a single and unique application model that lets them deploy their apps to hundreds of millions of users across a wide range of devices.

In addition to that, android offers great application development tools that allow creation of excellent apps, which take full advantage of the hardware capabilities available on every android powered device. The Android Developer Tools also offer a full Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a programming language with advanced features for developing, debugging, and packaging apps. The powerful development framework of android allows it to adapt automatically to the User Interface of different device types. This feature allows android apps to look their best on any device while at the same time gives users full control of their UI.

The android app development platform offers businesses multiple advantages in the highly competitive digital world. It is the ideal platform to develop easy-to-use apps, which are customer oriented.

This article was written by Allan McArthur, a writer who just can’t get his hands off any material related to app development. Allan is also a volunteer writer for XDESIGN, an app development company that offers tailor-made services.

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