No more Google Adsense Account Banning: Google’s Revised Terms

Pre Anu January 6, 2013

If you are into making money online, you are sure to know how important Google Adsense program is. Firstly, it is hard earning an account (considering the requirement Google seeks). For some, it can even be termed ‘a stroke of luck’.  Secondly, it takes lots of care to retain the account without being banned. Here is a good news for you. There will not be any more Google Adsense account banning.

google adsense account banning

Google has some scrupulous policies in place (No offence, it does so only  to ensure that both its Adsense publishers and Adword advertisers are happy). This has become a pain for newbie bloggers who often end up violating one or more terms specified by Google (unintentionally most of the time or due to third party activities like click bombing). So far the repercussion was a ban on the particular account. Such bans are not fully transparent and the blogger is left reckoning why the account was blocked.

And the worst? It takes a really long time and numerous appeals to get the account activated again.

Fortunately, this is no more the scenario. Google has shown that they are working towards a better web, but not at the cost of the hard work of so many ignorant publishers out there. Hence it has announced its revised policies.  Google’s revised TOC, proves be an awesome new year gift. The revised terms are as follows:

  1. Google would consider the tenure of the publisher’s Adsense account before taking any action on violation of its terms. This means, the publisher’s relation with Google will be valued.
  2. Google has redesigned its Google Adsense appeal from and made it more informative to help resolve the issue quickly and justly.
  3.  The reason for terming the blogs activities as ‘invalid’ would be made explicit through detailed email notification ( unlike the earlier notifications).
  4. A comprehensive guide to Adsense is created namely – Adsense Academy. Here one can learn various aspects of using Adsense optimally.
  5. To help us ( publishers ) further, Google introduced a Youtube channel  with a series of Adsense usage tips cum Adsense optimization videos. Below is one such video from Google Adsense.


Google also specified that it would make more changes in the same lines to prevent fraudulent activities. So stay tuned for further notifications from Google and hope that Google makes more such ‘publisher friendly’ changes. Meanwhile share this news with co-blogger and publishers.

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