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Katrina at Rack Solutions December 22, 2015
New Linkedin data center

New Linkedin data center

In the past year, LinkedIn data center storage and processing needs have increased by leaps and bounds – by 34 percent to be exact.

Note also that this growth is in addition to 29 megawatts of capacity in our current data centers worldwide – 26 megawatts of which are domestic, while the other three are international.

With all this growth, there was no doubt that we needed to expand our data centers.

What we’re Up to Now

Internationally speaking, our Singapore LinkedIn data center will go live early in 2016. We’re working now to deploy applications on almost 6,500 servers there prior to that time.

On the domestic home front, our newest data center will be located in Hillsboro, Oregon, just 17 miles west of Portland.

Why Open a LinkedIn Data Center in Hillsboro, Near Portland?

With our other locations in Virginia and Texas, it was logical for LinkedIn to look toward the West Coast when considering a site for our third LinkedIn data center.

After exploring multiple locations, it was clear to us that Oregon was the right site for our new West Coast Data Center. In Hillsboro, a nearby suburb of Portland, we will have one of the most advanced and efficient data centers in the world.

Hillsboro was selected in large part for its direct access to green power for our new LinkedIn data center. Portland itself is often awarded “Greenest City in America” or designated as one of the “most green cities.”

Portland is also often hailed as one of top cities in the world, when it comes to being environmentally conscious, for many reasons: having over 10,000 acres of public parks, farm-to-table dining, and a wide network of public transportation. At LinkedIn, factors like green power and environmental impact are a major factor in site selection.

Of course we take into account many other considerations as well: network diversity, talent opportunities, and expansion capabilities. Choosing a LinkedIn data center site with all these elements ensures our members that they can count on us for quick, resilient services from a company that is environmentally conscience.

What to Expect for Our Future in Hillsboro

With ground-breaking in 2016, this will be our most efficient, flexible, and resilient LinkedIn data center to date. The data center is planned to be operational by late 2016, marking the final stretch of our retail-to-wholesale migration, which began in 2013.

This migration enabled our company to decommission the final two multi-megawatt, retail-based locations. Furthermore, the migration gave LinkedIn the capacity to use our advanced data center approaches, like cabinet level heat rejection and 400 volt distribution. In addition, we have doubled the cabinet densities from all of their previous builds.

The Hillsboro LinkedIn data center will also give us the flexibility to obtain our own sustainable sources and explore new options for renewable energy on the ground. An additional benefit is our ability to utilize free cooling for almost 200 days a year, which reduces overall energy consumption.


With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why the Hillsboro site is going to be such a great asset for LinkedIn. We are truly excited to contribute to the growth of Portland as a next-generation sustainable technology hub with the development of our new LinkedIn data center in nearby Hillsboro!

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