iPhone 6 Review – What Everyone is Saying

Michael Looby September 10, 2014
iPhone 6 Review

iPhone 6 Review

The wait is finally over – Apple has released the iPhone 6 and it is making waves.  Users are excited and it isn’t very hard to see why – everything on this phone is an improvement on the iPhone that was released last year, the iPhone 5S.

At between $866 and $1200 apiece, Apple has made its point again – it’s all about style for those who can afford it. So is it worth all the excitement that it’s causing? Let’s have a look.

iPhone 6 – Features and Specifications

This new release from Apple comes with great advancements in design. The first thing you will notice is just how much slimmer it is. Its predecessor was 7.6 mm in width and people thought that was pretty cool. Prepare to be wowed – this one is only 6.9 mm wide. In addition to that, you can expect to enjoy the following features:

• The phone is made wholly of aluminum with only a little plastic at the back of the phone to enable better reception. This makes it much more durable. Apple also worked hard to make sure that it is light – it weighs only 129 grams.

• You get a lot more screen with this one – 4.7 inches which means that viewing is a lot more pleasant. It’s designed in such a way that parts of the screen that are usually hard to reach are now easier to touch.

• Gone are the sharp edges that were once how Apple phones were designed; the iPhone 6 comes with smooth edges, making it look very sleek.

• For those who would like to enjoy more phone security without troubling themselves with passwords, this new phone comes with Touch ID to enable fingerprint recognition.

• The power and lock key is on the right side of the phone making them easy to reach. The volume button is on the right; overall, according to Apple, the iPhone 6’s buttons were placed in a way that makes navigation a lot easier.

• Although it hasn’t been out long enough to test how it holds up to scratches, the phone comes with and ion strengthened screen. Later iPhone 6 reviews will definitely tell us whether it scratches easily.

• The resolution (750×1334 pixels) is what Apple calls Retina HD which is supposed to be a lot better than on earlier phones.

• Brightness hasn’t changed much – 500 nits – but this allows for good outdoor visibility.

• Memory starts at 16GB with higher versions going all the way to 64GB; this means a lot more room for photos and film.

• The camera lens is 8MP.

• You get awesome battery power – you can talk for 24 hours straight before the battery dies.

iPhone 6 Review – What I Liked

This iPhone 6 review comes so soon after it was released so there hasn’t been enough time to evaluate whether the phone will keep the usual Apple standard, which has always been very high. So far, there is nothing NOT to like about this phone. First, of course, is the way it looks; it is a phone that you will be very happy handling. The slimmer look and rounded edges mean that it rests very easily in the palm of the hand.

I also like the fact that the screen is designed a lot more strategically, making it easy to reach apps and icons. The battery is also impressive because I don’t need to carry my charger around. The camera is also quite good; although only 8MP, the photos are awesomely clear.

iPhone 6 Review – What I Didn’t Like

First, of course, is the mind blowing price tag. But then again, Apple never made their products cheap. In addition to that, the price will definitely go down in the coming months, especially after Christmas.

The sapphire screen that Apple has used in the past to protect against scratches is also missing but this doesn’t mean that the new one will not last. With such great advances in phone camera, it is interesting to note that Apple didn’t go with higher megapixels.

iPhone 6 Review – Overall Thoughts

My conclusion is that the iPhone 6 is as good a phone worth investing in. Its features are definitely an improvement on previous Apple phones.

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