How to get More Likes for Your Facebook Page

Pre Anu January 14, 2013

Now that you are reading this blog post, I can presume that you probably have a Facebook page. The next step after creating the page is to promote it so as to get it noticed. You may have a Facebook page dedicated to your online business, website or a blog. In any case it is vital for you to grab some real, genuinely interested traffic from the worlds most loved site – Facebook. To do so you need to get your Facebook page noticed. So lets get started with some sure-shot ways to see your Facebook page is talked about.

Remember ! All the talking happens when your page gets more likes. Unless you get more likes for your Facebook page, there is no way that it will be talked about.And  you cannot dare to miss promoting your site/blog/business through a popular Facebook page. So here are some ways that answer ‘how to get more facebook likes’ effectively.

How to get more facebook likes

Get the like box :The very famous Facebook like box has drastically influenced the number of likes a Facebook page gets ever since it has been launched. It is something that almost 90 % of today’s bloggers implement in order to integrate Facebook into their blog/website. I too recommend this option as it quickly gets new likes/followers to your Facebook page  right from your blog without you having to explicitly ask for it. To get the like box for your page visit Facebook social plugins.

how to get more likes for facebook page

SMS Subscriptions: This tick specially works well when you are promoting you Facebook page in front of an audience somewhere in a seminar or a webinar. You need to leverage the availability of phones with the group. All they are to be told is to text  – like yourpagename and send it to 32665. This gets them to like your page instantly.

facebook sms

Digital Signatures : As a webmaster/blogger you end up participating in some online forums and even interact with people through emails. Use your Facebook page’s link in your online signatures like email signatures or forum signatures. This increases the chances of your link being clicked ( provided your email or forum post or reply seems valuable and makes sense to its reader). Once the link is visited, its upto you to convert the lead into page fans using various tactics.

Make a Fan Gate : Fan gate, like page or landing page; whatever it may be called, its all the same. The prime motto of this page is to get more and more likes. This strategy has been used my many companies and has always worked wonders. The simple logic used in the page is ‘ luring the visitor to like the page’.

How do you do it ?

See the below example.

The Coke Studio’s landing page has a message asking me to like the page in order to access to some exclusive videos.

How to get mare likes for Facebook page

Upon liking the page , I am given access to the videos as shown below. In other words Coke Studio has compensated for my like. You can do something like this in your page too. You could give access to an e-book, a video, coupon, etc.

New Picture (1)

Get likes from your Newsletter : You can turn your RSS subscribers to your Facebook page subscribers. All you need to do is include a ‘Find Us on Facebook’ link that will direct the newsletter reader to your Facebook landing page. The landing page can then have a call to action message that makes the visitor like your page in return for some compensation.

Use a QR code : QR code is something like a bar code that contains encrypted information in it. The information could be anything you want it to be. When a smart phone user having the QR decoder app with him scans the code, he will get some information immediately. You can use the QR codes that contain link to you Facebook landing page that promotes liking of you page. Once someone scans the code, he will be redirected to you fan page where he is lured to like your facebook page. The QR code can be placed anywhere you find your potential Facebook page fans. You can place it in your companies brochure, in you website, or even on the wall of you office lobby. The below is an example QR code that directs the scanner to Pro Mind Tech’s Facebook page. Go ahead and scan it.

QR code for facebook page

Off the many ways that I tried to generate more likes for my Facebook page, these are the top notch ideas. Hope they help you too. Do let me know if  they do. Also share some of your ideas with me in the comment box.

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