How To Find Windows 7 Product Key

Simon George April 27, 2013

How To Find Windows 7 Product Key

“How To Find Windows 7 Product Key” – is now a days becoming a serious problem for the Windows 7 consumers. The problem always comes and stands on the head while re-installing Windows 7 that need the product key to activate Windows 7.  So today here we are going to reveal a trick to find Windows 7 Product Key.

Anyhow if you have lost your Windows 7 product key, But full hope is not lost yet as your Windows 7 product key is reserved in the registry but its in coded form or we can simply say encrypted and not understandable.  Fortunately there are some programs which can help you.

How To Find Windows 7 Product Key

How To Find Windows 7 Product Key

Follow the steps below properly to find Windows 7 Product Key –

Step 1. Finding the Windows 7 Product Key from registry from your own efforts is not possible due to its in coded form.

The manual efforts which is used to find the product key of OS (Operating System) like Windows 95 & 98 will not function in Windows 7.  Those manual methods will only find the Product ID Number and not the product key required to activate Windows 7. Fortunately there are soma programs available to find Windows 7 Product Key.

Step 2.  Select a freely available product key finder supporting Windows 7.

We have listed below some product key finder programs –

1)      Belarc Advisor v8.3b

2)      Magical Jelly Bean Key finder v2.0.9.5

3)      WinKeyfinder v1.75

Step 3. Next is after selecting just download and run the program. Follow properly if any guidelines provided by the programs.

Step 4. After that total 5 groups of 5 alphabets and numbers will be visible on your screen and that’s your Windows 7 Product Key.

Step 5. Note the code visible on your screen properly and just input it while re-installing Windows 7 and activate it.

But please while noting down the code and inputting don’t do any mistake of single word or number also.


If after using Key Finder Programs also you are not able to find Windows 7 product key then you can simply appeal an replacement of the product key from Microsoft or buy a new copy of it.






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