How to Develop an App – the Planning Process

David Chancellor August 25, 2014
How to Develop an App

How to Develop an App

Many business individuals have great ideas for mobile apps but lack the know-how or skills to implement them. This is where app developers come in handy. Regardless of the idea one has, developers can turn it into a fully functioning app tailored to meet certain needs.

However, for the app to be effective, the development project requires good planning. Diligent work in the planning phase, involves a couple of steps, which help to lessen risks and increase chances for success.

Choosing the Ideal Platform

For any business owner, choosing which platform the app should run on is very important as it helps in finding the most suitable developer to do the job. However, if the owner cannot decide on a platform, an experienced app developer can help to select the ideal platform.

Business owners can select a single platform such as windows phone, iOS, Android, or go for the cross-platform option, which enables apps to run on multiple mobile devices. Between the two, the latter is the better option. Sturdy, cross-platform frameworks are trending upwards right now, especially as they allow an organization to get much more out of an app.

Upon choosing a platform, the developer can proceed to the next step of planning how to develop the app.

Design of the App

Design refers to how the app looks as well as how it works. Therefore, at this stage the developer is not only responsible for formulating the look of the app but is also responsible for its functionality as well as the manner in which users will interact with the app. The following two factors determine the design of the app.

  • Company goals: The developer must fully understand the goals of the company before beginning to plan the app’s design. This will help when making the app more customized. Whether the goal is to involve customers, create extra revenue channels, or simply make daily work tasks easier, the app’s design must be tied to the business goal.
  • The targeted users: By carefully analyzing the targeted audience, a developer can avoid making errors in the design and increase chances of creating a good impression. For instance, if the targeted users are business people, a clear-cut design will do. In contrast, a flashy or cartoony application is not a bad idea if business oriented customers happen to be the app’s target. Aside from analyzing the targeted users, developers also think of the most popular way that the app is going to be used. Getting into the shoes of users and thinking of how they will be using the app usually helps the developer to design an outstanding app.

It is only after going through the above processes that a developer should move to the nitty gritty details of implementing an app. Delving straight into the implementation phase is fine but without executing the previous 2 phases, chances of the app missing a mark or having a lot of issues to resolve are increased. Hence, the reason why the planning stage is very important.

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How to Develop an App

How to Develop an App






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