Five Common MacBook Repairs That You Should Know About

Elena Joseph April 27, 2015
Macbook Repairs

Macbook Repairs

Whether your MacBook is used for business purposes or it’s just a notebook that only goes from room to room, your MacBook computer needs to be taken care of. Since they endure more than a desktop computer, MacBooks are made to take on more movement and spills than desktop computers are.

Despite their durable size and functioning, MacBooks will eventually show signs of wearing down. Tech support is the most common solution for this, but it is also the most expensive way to get them fixed. Support personnel will help, but it will cost you a lot of money.

It is better for you to learn how to do your own MacBook repairs in case small problems arise with your computer, rather than spending a large amount on something simple.

1. Overheating

One of the most common problems people with MacBooks face is that it overheats and robs the computer of its performance, causing many hiccups in its overall performance. Overheating causes the entire system to slow down and even crash.

Due to a lack of proper ventilation, excessive dust can clog the MacBook’s air vents and deprive it of the cold air needed to function properly. The simplest solution to this is to simply clean out the air vents with a cloth or a keyboard cleaner.

2. Slow Hard Drive

Disorganized information on the hard drive can also act as a factor for reducing the performance of a MacBook. All you have to do is look for a program that will fragment the disk and click on it to activate.

This will speed up the hard drive and fix the problem.

3. Battery Life

Over time, your MacBook’s batteries lose the ability to retain their charge. You’ll notice at this stage that, once unplugged, it will only last for a few minutes before crashing and turning the computer off.

Replacing a battery is easy. All you have to do is take it out from under the MacBook.

4. More Storage

If your computer is taking too long to boot and reboot, it means that the memory is being used up so much that it is interfering with the start-up of the computer.

To fix this problem, all you have to do is upgrade the RAM of your computer or move a few things to either another external hard drive or a USB that can contain information that is not needed immediately.

Shifting and making space for essential things will make certain that your MacBook gives you as much as it can in terms of service.

5. Bad Keyboard

A keyboard with missing keys or malfunctioning keys is one of the least desirable things that a MacBook owner can come across. The best solution is to buy a new one and have it replaced. Leaving it like that will only cause aggravation, not to mention and a poorly operating machine.

MacBook care and repair is one of the most common businesses in the computer industry. Recognizing a situation where you can do your own MacBook repairs without outside help will generally keep your MacBook running for longer and with fewer problems.

But knowing when and where to get the proper expert help will certainly guarantee a longer life for your computer.

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Elena Joseph is a MacBook owner. She often writes about the various features and simple repair procedures for Mac. However, when it comes to doing things professionally, she suggests getting help from for best results.

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Macbook Repairs

Macbook Repairs





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