Fastest Growing IT Companies In The World

Samay Saxena October 2, 2014
Fastest Growing IT Companies

Fastest Growing IT Companies

IT companies can be found all across the world. They are an integral part of the way that we do things today. IT companies are responsible for delivering to us the latest and greatest companies. While we all know the Apple’s and Microsoft’s, what about those less known companies? A number of them are available all across the world, too, and many are responsible for bringing us substantial growth in technology.

1. Infomatics

Infomatics was founded in Michigan in 2008. Since this time they have nearly doubled their size and their revenue. This consulting company works with big names like Chrysler Corporation.

2. Level 11

Level 11 is a very fast growing company. They have had a 9000% increase in revenue over the past three years. This Washington State based company offers networking services. In 2013 they had revenue of $9.6 million, up from $105,000 in 2009.

3. TCS

TCS, or Tata Consultancy Services, has been around since 1968. They are located in Mumbai, India and serve as India’s largest IT Company.

4. Wipro

There are many top IT companies in India, and Wipro happens to be among those names. This IT Company has several different sectors of information technology that it handles. More than 150,000 people work for this company.

5. Old Town IT

This company specializes in the creation of software and related products. The business is headquartered in Virginia, the State in which they opened in 2007. The last few years have been good for the company and a 1000% growth has been experienced.

6. LinkedIn

Another US based company, LinkedIn is the job networking site on which professional individuals connect and learn of new employment opportunities. Currently, LinkedIn is available to people in more than 200 countries and there are more than 150 million members.

7. Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks offers networking solutions for individuals and businesses. They have been serving the needs of their customers for over a decade. They have risen to the top because they offer faster products and better customer service.

8. HCL Technologies

While based in India, HCL Technologies has locations around the world. This company offers a variety of services to their clients, ranging from financial to healthcare services.


A site you’ve probably at least heard of in the past, has more than 1.5 million subscribers-all who are tracing their roots and their family history. has been named as one of the ‘Top 10’ web support sites, and they increase their revenue by a large percentage each year.

10. Fuhu

Fuhu is based out of California. This company is responsible for the production of the “Nabi”, a child-friendly tablet, along with other kids’ computer-based products and more. They have quickly grown with their product. In 2009, they had revenue of just over $229,000; while in 2013, the number was $117 million.

So these are the top companies in the field of software & information technology. You can check to see the reviews & details of top companies from other areas.

About the author: Samay Saxena is a Blogger and Internet Marketer from Delhi. He likes to write about Indian companies.

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Fastest Growing IT Companies

Fastest Growing IT Companies








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