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Pre Anu January 14, 2013

One lesson all the SEO experts and naive bloggers alike learnt from the recent Google Panda updates is that more the social interaction with your content, better the SEO and search engine ranking of your blog. Interaction here means sharing of your blog’s content, liking your posts, commenting on them, etc. All of these can be increased manifold if the greatest social network ever- Facebook is used effectively. Facebook Social plugins enable you to achieve the same. Thus, getting more traffic to your blog.

Lets get straight to the point. If you see your friend like, comment on or recommend a link or a photo, you too are likely to do one of these or atleast check the thing out. Supposing your friend has over a hundred other friends. All of these 100 and odd people go through the same as you did. The bottom line ? That particular link shared by your friend is getting more and more visible; in other terms that website/blog is getting more traffic.

Here are some such Facebook Plugins that let you get more traffic to your blog by optimizing social interactions.

  • Like Button : I guess the Like Button is the earliest of the Facebook plugins. It is the most popular one for sure. Through the link button the user can tell the world that he/she has liked your content. It gets posted on the users Facebook activity feed. This brings your content to the eyes of all his/her subscribers and friends. The best part about the like button is that it is personalized such that the user gets to know if any of  his/her friends already like the content, thus encouraging him further.

facebook social plugins

  • Recommendations Bar :  The Recommendations Bar is one of the latest from Facebook that could create a hype within a short span. It is more or less a pop-up that slides out from either the right or the left bottom corner of the webpage. The time the pop up appears can be customized. The pop-up shows other posts in the blog that are liked by others. It comes along with a like or recommend ( whichever chosen) on the top left of the bar. This lets the user like the post instantly. The square symbol to the top right of the bar lets the user minimize the pop-up.  The recommended posts are shown with the number of  Facebook likes it has got. It could include the name of any of your friends who liked the post earlier.

facebook plugins

  • Send Button : The Send button is yet another way to let your visitor share content with his friends. Except that with the send button, he/she is allowed to share your content with friends through message instead of posting your content on their timeline (like the Like / Recommend button). The Send button can be implemented along with the like button using a single code.

facebook plugins

  • Facebook Comment Box: Best interaction on any blog happens through the comment box. What if those interactions are publicized ? Yes, that exactly is what the Facebook comment box does for your blog. You can easily integrate a Facebook comment box into your blog. Whenever users comment on your posts, the same is by default posted on thier activity feed letting his friends know. This may get some of  his/her friends read your post and comment themselves.


Facebook plugins

You can implement the desired Facebook plugins by visiting the Facebook Social Plugins  page of Facebook Developers. While there are more plugins that Facebook provides, I personally feel the four mentioned above work best when it comes to traffic generation from Facebook. Don’t you agree ?

Which plugins are among your favorites ?  Share with me in the comment box.

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