Everything Users Need To Know About Internet of Everything

Alan Argyle April 2, 2015
Internet Of Everything

Internet Of Everything

If you have been wondering what IOE is for a long time, this article is a good store of information, explaining the terms in the most concise way.

What Is Internet Of Everything (IOE)?

The tech sensation, IOE, is having a global impact on users who are coming to grips with the fact that the internet can now connect them to thousands of IoE products. It is undoubtedly a constantly growing and lucrative market, and it is important that consumers at all levels of society understand and gain familiarity with its functions and connotations.

To understand how this system works, users need to understand certain key points:

An Avant-Garde Wi-Fi Network

Internet of Everything is a ground-breaking technology that is opening up new levels of possibilities. All sorts of consumer commodities such as TVs, thermostats, washing machines and sprinkler systems have been fitted with Wi-Fi that allows users to operate them using their PCs, smartphones and tablet devices.

Wi-Fi is the widely upheld connectivity preferred by a majority of customers. In a survey, 91 % of users indicated they would buy smart devices for homes provided their purchases can be synced with their Wi-Fi connection.

A work-in-progress

Wi-Fi is in process of connecting IOE applications that consumers are demanding. Users can now buy Wi-Fi controlled electric bulbs, home monitoring and control monitoring systems, appliances, thermostats, security systems, wearable devices and automotive products on the market.

Some applications providers include Belkin WeMo, Nest thermostat, Doorbot, Lockitron, Garmin Forerunner 620 and LIFX light bulbs, to name a few.

Wider Connectivity Enhances the Need for Caution and Safety

As the level of automation reaches new heights, there is a constant and pressing need to be cautious about privacy and security. Wi-Fi has designed security solutions that users can rely on.

WPA2™ technology allows consumers both privacy (others cannot access the transmissions) and security (users are in control of who can connect). It is recommended that users should only connect devices fitted with upgraded safety technology to ensure optimum security.

The Wi-Fi Market Only Supports Practical Applications

There are constant ups and downs. Only applications having a practical purpose survive the competition while those that are merely novel die out quickly. Accordingly, users are advised to buy items they actually need and not simply out of interest or curiosity.

Top connected devices include televisions, lighting, thermostats, and home monitoring and security systems.

Future Consumer Needs

Surveys show that many tech-savvy users foresee a positive future for smart technology in domestic households. It is estimated that over the next few decades, only homes fitted with upmarket technology will survive and it will be impossible for households to operate without smart technology.

Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming a major consideration for purchases of common home devices like TVs, lighting, thermostats, and even cars.

With the pace of technology growing at lightening speeds, there is a mounting demand for smart Wi-Fi networks, like the IOE which allows for greater connectivity as well as better convenience and an improved quality of life.

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Internet Of Everything

Internet Of Everything





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