Cheap Android Phones – Which One Should You Buy?

Michael Looby September 25, 2014
Cheap Android Phones

Cheap Android Phones

Not too long ago, an Android phone was out of reach for many; to acquire one meant that you had to part with a few hundred dollars, sometimes even more than a thousand. Although there are still phones in this price range, there are now cheap Android phones that everyone can afford. This is as a result of competition among manufacturers. The novelty is also wearing off – android phones are just another gadget that everybody needs.

So how do you determine what the best cheap phones are? Are we talking about phones that cost less than $400? $300? $200? For the sake of reviewing the most affordable phones, this article will focus on phones that cost $100 and less.

1. LG Optimus Extreme Android

This phone sells for about $100 and it is hard to see a bad review about it. As a matter of fact it gets 5 stars on some sites. The phone has a large enough screen of 4 inches and is quite light at about 15 ounces. You will get excellent Wi-Fi speeds and it works on GSM networks. You get a very reasonable camera with 5MP-it is prepaid, which means that you pay only for what you use. It also has an 800 MHz processor, battery talk time of 8 hours, standby time of 13 days and a 4GB memory card.

2. Samsung Galaxy Rush Prepaid Android

This one costs $70 and has a screen of nearly 4 inches. It runs on the Android 4.0 system so it is capable of quite a bit. You get a 3MP camera, video capability, and a 1.3MP front facing camera for those who love taking selfies. It also has Wi-Fi and is GPS-enabled. The internal memory is almost 800MB with an external memory of 32GB. You also get a visual voicemail and stereo Bluetooth.

3. Phablet 7 inch Android

This is quite a revolution when it comes to cheap Android phones. Considering that it retails for just $80, it has a screen that is simply huge when compared to others – 7 inches of touchscreen to hold all the apps and icons you want. This makes it half phone, half tablet-hence the name “phablet”.
In terms of functionality, it has a 1.5GHZ processor power, has 4GB of internal memory, a 32GB storage card, internal Wi-Fi and a dual camera. You are able to make and receive calls on it and you can also use it like a smart pad. It is great for entertainment – you can watch videos and you can also download them from the app store. Users seem to think this is a really nice phone and many have given it four or five stars.

4. Samsung Galaxy Centura Android Prepaid Phone

Samsung seems to be pushing the envelope when it comes to providing cheap phones. This one sells for only $40 and there is nothing but praise for it. Customers are very impressed that-for so little-they get a phone that can do the same things that other more expensive phones are able to do. You get a 3.5 inch screen, Android 4.0 for easy navigation, a 3MP camera, an 800 MHz processor and 4GB internal memory.

5. Motorola Droid X2

You will pay only $85 for this phone but it will give you a lot more value than that. For one thing, the screen is 4.3 inches, making it comparable to high-end Android phones. It has an 8MP camera, HD video capture, HD output to TV, DLNA for easy sharing of pictures and video, a 1 GHz processor as well as GPS navigation, voice search and lots more features.

The only complaint about this phone is that it lacks battery life which is probably because it has so many features. So as long as you are either at home or at work-and you have your charger, it is a great phone to have. Another option is to buy an extended battery which you can swap with the manufacturer’s battery. They are very cheap, about $20.

These are just 5 cheap Android phones that you can get on the market today – there are many more that will not break the bank, but you won’t go wrong with any of these five.

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