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New Toyota Data Center Being Built To Bring Connected Smart Cars to the American Market

Katrina at Rack Solutions February 12, 2016

Technology has made modern cars more reliable and safe. Most people are aware that manufacturers employ robots in their plants. These devices help engineers design efficient vehicles that meet the needs of consumers. Yet, it is less known that Toyota, which has become one the most prominent brands in the United States, mass produces smart… Continue Reading »


Home In Hillsboro: New LinkedIn Data Center on the Horizon

Katrina at Rack Solutions December 22, 2015

In the past year, LinkedIn data center storage and processing needs have increased by leaps and bounds – by 34 percent to be exact. Note also that this growth is in addition to 29 megawatts of capacity in our current data centers worldwide – 26 megawatts of which are domestic, while the other three are… Continue Reading »


How Long Before Another San Francisco Data Center Building Is Up For Sale?

Katrina at Rack Solutions November 9, 2015

The Silicon Valley boom has led to higher real estate prices, in an already largely exclusive environment. There are increasing complaints about the lack of affordable housing in the Bay Area, in general, and San Francisco, in particular. Such is one of the drawbacks of success. Things are not any easier in the commercial real estate sphere. Hi-tech… Continue Reading »


Should Certain Methods of Collecting Data be Outlawed?

Katrina at Rack Solutions October 20, 2015

Recently, presidential hopeful, Senator, Rand Paul posted a statement affirming he would shut down the National Security Agency’s (NSA) largest data center, the Utah Data Center (UDC). In his status update, Senator Rand Paul stated, “bulk data collection must end!” It’s ironic that Senator Rand Paul took to Facebook to post his disdain for bulk… Continue Reading »


A Top MySQL Alternative has Been Released: Amazon Aurora

Katrina at Rack Solutions September 16, 2015

Amazon Aurora has finally been released and it’s an excellent MySQL alternative. MySQL is the industry leader when it comes to the world of free database software and the majority of dynamic websites are now running on what has become the industry standard – the LAMP stack. LAMP stack The LAMP stack is Linux, Apache,… Continue Reading »


Cloud Computing Examples that Answer 3 FAQs

Katrina at Rack Solutions August 21, 2015

I remember a time when a cloud was a white puffy thing in the sky that, when you laid on your back, you looked at and tried to make shapes with. I remember when it was where the rain came from. But those were simpler days and with new technology, our vocabulary is changing. Allow… Continue Reading »


Hide My IP Review: Online Anonymity for a Steal

Michael Looby May 28, 2015

As many of you may know, VPN tools allow you to protect your online privacy and improve your confidentiality. Although the technology has been around for a long time now, it is becoming increasing popular among individuals and organizations alike. That said, it is also very crucial to choose the right VPN tool for your… Continue Reading »


Five Common MacBook Repairs That You Should Know About

Elena Joseph April 27, 2015

Whether your MacBook is used for business purposes or it’s just a notebook that only goes from room to room, your MacBook computer needs to be taken care of. Since they endure more than a desktop computer, MacBooks are made to take on more movement and spills than desktop computers are. Despite their durable size… Continue Reading »


3 Ways to Run Exe on Mac Computers

Michael Looby January 16, 2015

It just goes without saying…the Apple Mac is growing increasingly popular. Each day, we see advertisements on how simple it is to utilize the Mac. More and more people are making a decision to change from their Windows PC to the latest Mac. One of the problems encountered with changing to a Mac is being… Continue Reading »

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