The Best Smartphone Accessories For 2015

Daisy Burgess February 17, 2015
Best Smartphone Accessories

Best Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones are really taking the world by storm. In fact, people now surf the internet using their mobile instead of their computer. The younger generation even say they do not even own a computer, since the mobile device that fits snugly in their pocket has considerably more power than the desktop computer they were using only a few years ago.

New products and upgrades come out all the time, so it’s easy to spend a few hundred dollars keeping up with all these latest gadgets-but in doing so, you are not using your current device to its full potential.

Believe it or not, there are a world of different accessories that you can get for less money than a new phone which open up your device in ways thought unimaginable a few years back. This article is going to give you a brief list of items that will turn your phone into a powerhouse.

MicroSD Cards

We’ll start with the basics. You’ve probably already got a memory card for your phone, but there is a lot more to MicroSDs than there has ever been before.

For instance, you can now get 128GB memory cards. This means that backing up ALL of your documents, be they pictures, movies or word files has never been easier. There’s no excuse for not keeping your documents safe, and taking them everywhere with you.

Bluetooth Keyboard

If your smartphone has Bluetooth enabled, which most have, then a great way to turn your phone from a recreational device to a workstation is to grab a Bluetooth keyboard.

One of the problems with using a smartphone as your main device is that input is really difficult on a five inch screen. A Bluetooth keyboard solves that, and gives your phone the practical functionality of a laptop when it comes to word processing.

These aren’t expensive, so there’s no reason not to try one.

Bluetooth Speakers

Most people use their phones as MP3 players. The problem with phones is that their onboard speakers are terrible. They make your favorite tunes sound tinny and lacking of depth.

Luckily, you can get Bluetooth compatible speakers; these range in price from little travel speakers to full blown home cinema sound systems, so you’ll have something for your budget and desire as regards sound quality.

Projectors and HDMI Fun

Speaking of home cinema; if you have a phone with an HDMI adaptor, you can literally use it to power a home cinema system. This can be as simple as getting an HDMI adaptor and cable.

If you do this, you’ll be able to hook up your existing television system to the smart phone. This is great for a very low cost.

Or you could take it one step further, and buy yourself a projector. These are less expensive than they’ve ever been, and a high quality projector will work by HDMI.

You can then turn your living room or bedroom into a literal home cinema, with a meter long screen projecting your favorite movies right from your phone.

The beauty of this is that it’s portable. You can literally have a cinema to take with you anywhere!

Did this article give you some ideas about the best smartphone accessories available to soup up your smartphone?

Let us know in the comments section underneath this article! 🙂

Article by Daisy Burgess, technology blogger and mobile phone enthusiast. Mobile phone facts take from Mobilyse Smartphone Comparison site


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Best Smartphone Accessories

Best Smartphone Accessories





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