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Design Your Own Applications

Simon George January 1, 2013

Stimulate Your Creativity: Design Your Own Applications Before your heart starts to jingle, at the mere idea of getting to create an Application that runs well on any platform be it Android, Windows or iPhone, wait and give it a wise thought. Decide why you want to build the application, think positively about who is… Continue Reading »


Sky drive for windows 8 and interface for tablets and PCs

Simon George January 1, 2013

Sky drive for windows 8 and interface for tablets and PCs: an architectural overview and battle plan Windows 8 has completely revolutionized the Microsoft’s operating system since it is launched.We can still remember when we first started using Windows 7,the startup system was closely similar to Vista,which inturn was not unlike the other versions of… Continue Reading »


Wi-Fi technology- Unlimited Internet on the Go

Simon George December 30, 2012

Wi-Fi technology- Unlimited Internet on the Go Wi-Fi internet connections have become a prior requirement of every human being these days. Everybody wants to be updated with the things happening around them on the move. Wi-Fi is a frequently heard buzzword but does any one really know the actual importance of the FOUR LETTER WORD… Continue Reading »


IPAD MINI Review – Full Features and Specifications

Simon George December 30, 2012

Hey Gadget Lovers, Today I am going to write about – IPAD MINI Review – Full Features and Specifications in which I am going to cover properly IPAD MINI Review. Synergize Your Lives with a Stunning Ipad Mini Is it imperative for you to get your daily dosage of technology tidbits by tuning into your favorite gadgets… Continue Reading »


Unlimited and Cheapest 3G Plans in India

Simon George December 29, 2012

Unlimited and Cheapest 3G Plans in India Asia is the biggest continent in the world that comprises of many populous countries and as a result the scope of traveling and touring different countries have just grown immensely with a desire to enjoy holidays, explore new places, meeting new people of different cultures and even communicating… Continue Reading »


Chromebook – A New Laptop

Simon George December 28, 2012

Whereas Microsoft and Apple are planning to launch there new Laptop and there Google and Samsung in a manner launched there new Laptop Chromebook and given a good competition. According to Google in the Laptop market Chromebook is very cheap. Google has set 249 dollars (means Rs.13,300) as the price. Running on Chrome Operating System… Continue Reading »


Samsung’s Smart T.V Review

Simon George December 27, 2012

Samsung’s Smart T.V is truly THE NEXT GENERATION TELEVISION SYSTEM These days everyone wants smart things: smart phone, smart kid, smart husband and now the generation demands for a smart TV too, an integration of the television system and the internet. Let’s take a look at Samsung Smart TV. It is not just a Television… Continue Reading »


Windows 8 Vs Windows 7

Simon George December 26, 2012

Microsoft has always specialized in giving those operating system to the world which are user friendly. The latest one from their house is windows 8 and it stands out with its forte on being a operating system which is perfectly applicable for the mobile interface. However its ancestor windows 7 also had a renowned reputation… Continue Reading »

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