A Top MySQL Alternative has Been Released: Amazon Aurora

Katrina at Rack Solutions September 16, 2015
Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora has finally been released and it’s an excellent MySQL alternative.

MySQL is the industry leader when it comes to the world of free database software and the majority of dynamic websites are now running on what has become the industry standard – the LAMP stack.

LAMP stack

The LAMP stack is Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl. Linux is the OS which is running on the majority of servers which serve data to those people who visit websites.

Apache is the web server software which runs on the Linux servers. Apache handles the technical details of providing websites to the browsers when they request those websites.


MySQL handles the database segment of loading and storing data related to the various websites running on the LAMP stack.

Finally, last but certainly not least, PHP/Perl is the programming language which handles the various website requests. PHP/Perl provides the code which allows people to finally view the websites.

By releasing a competitor to MySQL, Amazon Aurora is aiming to change the manner in which the entire web functions.

If Amazon Aurora manages to replace MySQL, then this will be a game-changer in the world of software. MySQL has, for many years now, been the go-to technology for anyone who needs a database solution which works using FOSS or Free Open Source Software.

An open source alternative is always an attractive solution to any company which wishes to have a website. The reason for this is that an open source alternative provides a cost effective manner for an IT department to get your website up and running quickly and efficiently.

In fact, FOSS is actually technically superior to closed source solutions in the majority of tech contexts.


FOSS is no longer the domain of hackers who create code in their spare time. Universities, government organizations, and large companies such as Google are all major players in the FOSS world.

They release high-quality FOSS programs which are able to do everything that a closed source commercial solution can do, and more.

Even better than its technical advantage over closed source, in the majority of instances is the fact that FOSS is free to use.

Amazon Aurora is not a FOSS solution, although it is compatible with MySQL which is FOSS. Amazon Aurora’s features are outlined here and here.

You probably hear the word free and immediately begin to think of buggy and difficult-to-use software. In the past, this was definitely the case with FOSS.

FOSS developers are currently working hard to overcome that stigma. It is true that the majority of FOSS solutions require your IT department to have above average levels of proficiency when it comes to utilizing the FOSS solutions to their full extent.

Unfortunately, FOSS developers are more often interested in the technical aspects of the software rather than the end user experience. Because of this the ease of use of FOSS is less than that of many closed source commercial solutions.

You may wish to consider that the money which you save using FOSS should then be used to hire highly educated programmers who will be able to get the most out of your FOSS cloud computing.

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