6 Tips for Coping with Windows 10 Update Problems

Katrina at Rack Solutions September 23, 2015
windows 10 update problems

windows 10 update problems

Windows 10 update problems have been extensively experienced by its users ever since it was released nearly two months ago, and the complaints are rolling in.

It’s gotten so bad that Microsoft has promised to start giving skeletonized versions of it away for free.

It’s a meltdown that had been in the works since at least 2006 when Microsoft replaced the reliable Windows XP with the disappointing Windows Vista. But plenty of people found themselves stuck with Windows 10 anyway.

1. The Windows 10 Update Problems Start With Activation 

On June 3rd, Microsoft said it was still testing the activation process. They said they were hoping it would just go away the next day. No kidding!

There’s not much you can do about that except hope with them, and while you’re hoping, that they wriggle the right command line in there. Keep an eye out for the next class-action lawsuit the company is likely to face for their latest flop.

2. Updates Invite Malware

Windows users won’t be surprised to learn that Windows 10 forces you to download updates. The only way to fix this is to take on Windows 10 Enterprise since their business solutions allow you to give the stiff arm to updates.

Short of that, the only thing to do is have a really beefy security software suite armed and active 24/7.

3. Forced Updates Crash Your System

That’s right, the updates Microsoft shoves down your throat can crash your system- even without the malware Windows 10 will let into your machine.

Rebooting the system will serve as a temporary fix. But you should uninstall the specific drivers that are causing the problem before an unexpected crash causes you to lose your work.

4. Forced Updates Instigate Software Clashes

Windows 10 updates occasionally coincide with third-party driver management updates. Cute right? This can set your system up to serve as the host for a conflict between programs that don’t play nice together.

You can halt the third party software, but then Windows can’t update- and if Windows can’t update- the system will stop working.

The best solution is to uninstall third-party driver management and allow Windows to handle all of the updates. This is what Microsoft wants you to do. Obey.

5. Wi-Fi Password = Shared

Windows 10 comes replete with Wi-Fi Sense. This system enables users to share network access with your Facebook, Skype, and Outlook contacts. This may well be the worst of all the Windows 10 update problems.

To disable this gaping security hole go to (Wi-Fi > Network Settings > Manage Wi-Fi Settings) and uncheck all of the boxes in there.

6. Learning the Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft’s newest OS does its best to limit users to the new Windows browser, Edge. This is worrisome, since using Explorer always constituted a major security risk.

Explorer has always been an integrated part of Windows. That means if a virus attacks Explorer, it’s basically got its fangs in your operating system as well.

Edge will probably have the same problem. It’s possible to run Chrome in Windows 10, but you’ll have to strip out all the extensions for it to run serviceably well. In fact, a huge number of people have had severe issues trying to launch Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on their computers after installing the Windows 10 update.


This is far from all the problems Windows 10 will bring to your desktop. Undoubtedly, most of them will stem from the pernicious update system and having to learn the stridently new-ish interface.

But with the growing number of bugs Windows users are plagued with, it’s no wonder the Linux community is growing by the day.

***Editor’s Note***

Last of all, if you’re just too overwhelmed by all the Windows 10 update problems that you’re experiencing, you can always go back to your previous version, by going into “restore”. Just make sure to do this within 30 days of updating to Windows 10. That’s what I did and I am now a very happy camper! 🙂

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