5 Top EBook Tools to Help Get You Published

Jessy Troy June 2, 2015
eBook tools

eBook tools

I have seen a lot of articles out there about writing ebooks. They always seem to list the exact same high tech ebook tools, applications and browser programs. But they miss so many of the key ones that I have always found a lot more helpful that the usual Calibre and PDF Maker.

In fact, they miss some of the most important ones for anyone who wants to create an engaging, self-published work of any type.

Thinking about it more in depth, I started to come up with my own list of important ebook tools both on and off the web. Hopefully, someone else will find these just as helpful in getting their ebook going and published.

1. Pencil & Paper


When did these things go out of style? I realize we all have tablets and such now, and it is a rarity to keep paper for anything with the world switching to digital media. But there is just something so intimate about seeing the words written in a journal. Something so satisfying about feeling the cramp in your hand when you write.

It keeps you alert and makes your ideas fresher. It takes more to erase an idea than to delete one. You may even find yourself not wanting to double guess yourself in the first place.

2. The Library


Another forgotten relic of a bygone age. Google and Wikipedia might be helpful, but they aren’t always accurate. There is a higher standard for information placed in the printed word than that published online. Because anyone can say what they want on the web.

Verifying information is risky, because often sources will be written based on sources that were written on sources that were not 100% true (or sometimes straight up lies). Skip the headache, and go old school.

3. ToDoIst

OK, this isn’t some rail against technology, I promise. This is probably my favorite program right now, as it is both a simple to-do list, with a twist that makes it portable and very helpful. You can set up tasks that repeat, that are one-time only, or follow a set schedule.

It allows you to see the day, week, priority or non-deadline tasks. You can also pay for the premium version (definitely worth it) and have alerts. I have set up writing schedules using this program, and they have really helped me to keep my productivity up.

4. OpenOffice

I hate Microsoft Word. I never keep it on my desktop, and I have never used it without throwing up my hands in frustration halfway through a project. It is overly expensive, the features are not very intuitive, and it glitches on me all the time.

Instead, I use OpenOffice. An open source program that is absolutely free, it has all of the benefits of Word and a lot more. Plus, it is upgradable and supports third party extensions created by developers also operating as an open source.

Once you try this, you will never go back to another word processor. The only downside is that it doesn’t give you an automatic word count viewable from the bottom of the window. You have to actually pull that down from the Tools menu.

There are Linux alternatives too!



A nice-looking eBook is much easier to promote online! Remember that your ebook is going to need at least a cover image, if not images throughout the content. You can get plenty of creative commons and public domain images from sites like MorgueFile, SPS, Wikimedia Commons and Fickr CC. But they still need to be edited. Plus, you may want to make some of your own stock photos to better fit the topic.

GIMP is an editing software fashioned after big names like Photoshop. While it has a bit of a learning curb, it is a fantastic and free alternative to more expensive products.

Like OpenOffice, it is open source and so adaptable using developed extensions from users. There are plenty of tutorials out there to teach you how to use it, but you will find it isn’t that much different that Adobe PS.

Do you know of any ebook tools that aren’t always mentioned when talking about ebook creation? We would love to hear about them, so leave us a comment. Be sure to include what you love about them!

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By Jessy Troy

Jessy is a writer, social media geek and tool lover. Follow her on Twitter as @JessyTroy

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