5 Top Blogging Apps for Android and iOS

Akanksha Mishra December 16, 2014
Blogging Apps

Blogging Apps

Over the last few years, blogging platforms have triggered SEO campaigns that were once restricted only to traditional techniques. The advent of smartphones and tablets has brought about a huge change in the way people access blogs and webpages.

The mobility has enhanced to significant levels in the recent past and people now have the ability to create and share blogs from anywhere, anytime. From an SEO standpoint, blogging apps have lent professionals an immaculate edge in accomplishing their blogging activities.

A full-fledged blogging application allows the user to make desired changes in a post, upload a recent blog, or share it on other platforms. There are number of applications currently available that facilitate blogging from mobile platforms. These applications are available for both android and iOS and offer the same functionalities as on a computer.

Rounded up below are some of the most popular blogging applications that are compatible on both the Android and iOS platforms. All these applications are heavily used by SEO strategists and bloggers from around the world. Let’s take a look at them:

List of Top 5 Blogging Apps for Android and iOS

1. WordPress

If you are a serious blogger, WordPress is just for you. For lengthy posts and some weighty blogging on the internet, WordPress is simply the best. It packs along immaculate functionalities that make it stand second to none.

It has a built-in slider menu that encompasses all the tools that are highly crucial for playing around with a blog. Creating, editing, uploading, sharing, statistics checking-with WordPress, every activity is a delight for your fingers.

There are also various types of web hosting platforms provided by WordPress for effective blogging, which include free, self and paid hosting.

2. Blogger

To keep you on schedule and meet day to day blogging requirements, Blogger is simply perfect. For newbie blogging enthusiasts, Blogger is absolutely amazing. It offers incredible functionalities and can be operated with the utmost of ease.

Navigating around Blogger is easy and the interface is just outstanding. Among its innumerable benefits, one is that you can get access to your saved and published posts right from the front desktop.

3. Tumbler

For time-strained professionals who need to update their content and upload fresh posts on an hourly basis, Tumbler truly is a remarkable blogging application for them. It facilitates faster and smooth blogging operations, empowering users to quickly accomplish all their blogging objectives.

The dashboard packs along all the tools you need to edit, share, or upload a new web post. It also allows you access to multiple tumbler blogs and to connect with users that are part of your phone contact list.

4. Weebly

Steadily climbing the popularity ladder, Weebly is close to becoming one of the top blogging apps for android and iOS. It enhances blogging operations by allowing you to give your post a visually appealing look.

It has built-in theme layouts that can be associated in a sensible manner with your blog. In addition, this blog application comes integrated with a push notification service that can be enabled to receive comments on your blog.

5. Squarespace Blog

This is a relatively new platform for web building that enables its users to create very elegant-looking websites. You can manage and edit your content from various accounts with this app. Creating and editing posts, formatting text, adding photos and creating links are all easy to do while out and about due to this app’s enhanced features.

In addition, keeping up with commenting is a sinch with the Squarespace Blog app-and managing spammy comments becomes that much simpler, as you can flag a spam comment with a single finger swipe!

Lastly, users can switch from site to site effortlessly, as opposed to having to log out and log back into your pages.


To wind up, all we can say is that blogging today requires mobility and swiftness. A simple blogging application is practically a boon for bloggers around the world who can now carry on all their blogging operations with much more ease.

If you have experience with any of the above mentioned applications, please feel free to populate the comment section with your valuable reviews and opinions.


The world of blogging today requires easier and faster operations. This entire write-up focused on how to make blogging a lot smoother by using the most popular and efficient blogging apps that are available on the market for Android and iPhone.

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Blogging Apps

Blogging Apps








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