5 Advantages of Android Over IOS

Caroline at Secure Thoughts May 4, 2015
Advantages of Android Over iOS

Advantages of Android Over iOS

I would like to thank for allowing me to stop by and share my experience with the Android device. I have long appreciated this site, and especially the tips and tricks section.

Before we get in too deep on the advantages of android over iOS, I would like to say that this isn’t a biased article and I am not trying to say one is better than the other.

I would like to point out certain features that some users might be interested more in on the Android operating system compared to the Apple iOS. Both operating systems have great features and can be quite different from each other if looked at in detail.

More Free Applications

One of the coolest features for kids to adults is the hundreds of free applications available from video games to books. The iOS is starting to release multiplatform goodies that are free and available to all, but it has a very long way to go before it catches up to the Android devices.

Android also makes it easy for indie talent to post their creations for the world to see. For a small fee, you can post anything you want to share with others. Some indie companies have gotten extremely popular due to this feature. Have you heard of Flappy Bird? Just go to the Google Play Store and take a look for yourself.

Everyone carries their phones or tablets with them everywhere they go in today’s society, and that being said, it is smart to stay safe when traveling abroad. When trying to use certain applications in many countries, they can be restricted due to country censorship or blocked by the IP itself.

It is highly recommended to use a mobile virtual private network to get past these types of barriers. Also, it will keep you safe by encrypting the data you send or receive on public networks and allow you to keep your privacy while surfing online.


If you are in love with music, the Android makes it simple for all. You’re able to transfer years and years of collected mp3s, and it cannot be any easier. With the iOS operating system, you have to verify all music and place it into your device through a required program called iTunes and this can be extremely overwhelming for new users.

The Android one ups this method by letting the user just drag and drop any mp3 they like into a folder and have it available on the device for use anytime. The drag and drop feature also works with videos, pictures, and notes, unlike iOS, where you would need other tools like iPhoto to do so.

File Sharing and Organization

What the Android operating system allows its users to do is connect any device to a computer and get an easy-to-look-at overall view of every file possible on the device. You can organize the data yourself the way you like without having anything telling you different.

The iOS suffers in this category as it doesn’t have an easy file transfer system, and it can be difficult for new users or even casual users that use their mobile devices every once in a while.

Social Media Shares

For all the social media junkies (no offense), this is totally for you. The amount of shareable websites with the Android leaves the iOS in the dust. Just to name a few, the Android operating system can share to Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

This is one of the biggest advantages of android over iOS, and with the free applications available in the Google Play Store, you have even more endless options available.

Multiple Accounts

One of the coolest features for a family that uses only one device is each having their own personal account. Anything you place into your account such as themes, applications, and even personal notes, will all be private for that specific account.

You can even set child restrictions to protect them from certain websites and applications available on the market. The iOS has nothing like this available at this time, but who knows if they will change their mind.


I hope you appreciate the above five advantages of android over iOS as much as I do and become an Android user if you’re not one already. There are many more options available, but not enough time to talk about them all. With a little more research, you can dig deeper into the more technical stuff.

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