4 Great Ideas For Modernizing Retro Gadgets

Jensen Carlyle September 29, 2015
Retro Gadgets

Retro Gadgets

Your retro gadgets won’t last forever and this is the truth that everyone needs to accept. Just like your old mobile phone, there may come a time when your retro gadgets stop functioning, even for no apparent reason.

Though this is usually the case, it doesn’t mean that you should just send them to the trash bin to waste away or get burnt. With just a few useful tips, your old, retro gadgets can achieve a new look and possibly a new line of work.

Make those retro gadgets serve you twice as long as you expected, and more, with these great retro tips and hints for creating something cool, rather than trashing your gadgets or letting them gather dust in a box under your bed:

Convert your Nintendo Classic into a DVD Player

Only do this to a Classic Nintendo console that’s no longer working. It would be a waste and a crime to tear up a fully-functioning gaming device. The steps are pretty simple and very easy to execute.

If you hate your DVD’s case, all you need to do is to take the whole circuitry out of the DVD player and place it inside the Nintendo console case. If you can’t get a working DVD circuitry, you can just create a system inside the NES.

Apart from converting it to a DVD player, you might be able to change it to an awesome desktop computer or a home theater.

Convert a Retired Game Controller to USB

Gamepads nowadays are mostly linked to the PC thru USB adapters. But when it comes to controllers from decades ago, you will need to convert them from whatever to USB. This is perfect for those who love to recycle or the 80’s and 90’s kid who love to experience a nostalgic gaming feel.

Firstly, you need to remove the screws of the controller and removing the wire harness. The following steps may be complicated and you need to take extra care to avoid damage.

The next thing to do is to program the Teensy USB Board. You will need to download some programs to do so. After programming the Teensy, you’ll have to strip the wire harness and solder it to the Teensy.

The final step is finding a place for the Teensy and putting the screws back.

Digitize Your Old Records and Tapes

Your vinyl record collection may start to fade away at any time. Before that happens, you may want to convert those old records and tapes to digital files.

The first thing to initiate this activity is to make sure that the record is clean. Next, rip or clean them up with free software such as Audacity.

Do the same thing with cassette tapes, Betamax or VHS tapes. If the record won’t play anymore, turn it into clocks or coasters.

Create a Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

If there is an old mouse sitting around your house, you can gut it and swap in contents from a Bluetooth wireless mouse. Do this by using a motherboard with Dremel.

Be ready for some soldering as well and uncasing steps. You can also turn it into a remote camera shutter if the old mouse is too uncomfortable for daily use.

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Jensen Carlyle is a freelance business writer currently focusing on business process management software for JobTraQ, but right now is clearing out his old gadgets and having some fun!

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