3 Ways to Run Exe on Mac Computers

Michael Looby January 16, 2015
Run Exe on Mac

Run Exe on Mac

It just goes without saying…the Apple Mac is growing increasingly popular. Each day, we see advertisements on how simple it is to utilize the Mac. More and more people are making a decision to change from their Windows PC to the latest Mac.

One of the problems encountered with changing to a Mac is being unable to run the software for Windows. Mac has a lot of software to cater for your everyday requirements.

However, at times, you are left with nothing to switch to, apart from your Windows Software. So you feel helpless and bewildered because you can’t run exe on Mac. Don’t worry, because there are a few things you can do to remedy this:

Partition Your Computer into Two

Go to your apple icon which is on your desktop’s top left corner and click on it.

Then go to ‘About this Mac.’ On top, it will indicate the version number.

In case you are operating a previous version of the OS, you will require visiting and buying the latest type of operating system, so as to continue with this method.

On your computer, locate the program ‘Boot Camp.’ Click on the icon in your desktop’s top right hand corner and type ‘Boot Camp Assistant.’ The top hit ought to be ‘Boot Camp Assistant.’

Highlight the result inside your spotlight list and open it. Boot camp is created to assist you install Windows OS on your Mac.

Form a partition or dividing wall on your drive in Boot Camp. After the program opens click ‘continue.’ The Boot Camp Assistant will assist you through the procedure of partitioning your Mac.

Click on ‘Download the Windows Support Software for this Mac.’ This is in case you have not downloaded it. Form a partition for windows. You can opt to split your memory equally or choose 32 GB. In case you require saving .exe and various files, choose 32GB.

Ensure you choose Fat 32 instead of NTFS.

Click on ‘partition.’

Choose ‘Partition 3 Boot Camp’ in the screen for Windows Partition.

Boot into the OS for either Windows or Mac. To select the partition to boot to, press the option key down when switching on your computer.

Using a Virtual Hard Drive to Open .Exe Files

Download a software program for virtualization on your Mac. A program for virtualization deceives your Mac into having the idea that the operating systems running are of 2 kinds, that is Windows and Mac.

Drag Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion for your folder for Downloads to the Applications folder.

Click on the program to start the process for installation. Choose to run Windows from the virtual drive created by this program. Using your program’s copy of the retail, install Windows OS.

Install the programs for Windows which you want from the disc or Internet. You will manage to open downloaded .exe files in the folders for application.

Utilize an Emulator Program

Go to To download, click on the program for Winebottler. You can either download the version for stable or development.

The version for development has the newest updates and is normally preferable.

From your folder for Downloads, run the .dmg program files. Drag the opened applications for Wine and Winebottler to your folder for Applications.

The program for open source emulator is Wine.

Winebottler works together with Wine but it operates like a regular Mac OSX app.

Technically, Winebottler will not run .exe on Mac, though it will wrap them so that the same version is displayed in your Mac OS without the necessity of Windows being installed.

Open the application for Winebottler.

Got to the folder for ‘Existing Prefixes’ in the column on the left. This will provide you with access to a lot of programs for Windows which are pre-defined.

Choose a program form the list then click ‘install’ to set it up on your Mac. The first step you should take is to install Windows OS from this list which has prefixes.

Click twice on the icon for Windows after installation. It should operate directly on your Mac OS.

Download a program for Windows with .exe file on to your Mac if it is not in the list of available prefixes.

Go back to Winebottler, then ‘Custom Prefixes’ in the column on the left.

Utilize the browser for ‘select file’ to choose the ‘exe file which you have downloaded.

Use Winebottler to open the .exe. The installation procedure will start on your screen as the file is run.


I hope you liked this article on how to run exe on Mac.

Did this help you resolve the problems you’ve been facing, being unable to run software for Windows?

Let me know by dropping a quick comment below. 🙂

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Run Exe on Mac

Run Exe on Mac





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